Developed by Guy VOYER French Osteopath (reg. France, Canada), E.L.D.O.A. (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire) or in English L.O.A.D.S. (longitudinal osteo-articular decoaptation with stretching) was born out of the integration of a number of differing conceptual work in the field of rehabilitation such as The R.Klapp Method, Niederhoffer, The Kabat Method, The Brunnnstorm Method, The Bobath concept, The Mezieres method, Piret and Beziers and Godlieve Struyf-Denis to produce a paradigm incorporating both local and global effects on the body.
Based on Voyer’s works and his practice in Osteopathy, the basic principle of ELDOA, using biotensegrity and over 20 years of fascial research, is to create a posture that will target a specific spinal functional unit. During those early years, word of the ELDOA spread slowly. It was usually taught to VOYER’S osteopathy students and a small group of students who were dedicated to the process of learning his exercise methodology.
Today, thanks to consistent results and the uniqueness of its approach, the ELDOA method of exercise has slowly taken its place in high level sports therapy and training. The ELDOA are now used in all major professional sports as in America as well as in many Olympic training camps. ELDOA is quickly gaining prominence within the highest level of therapists and trainers as an indispensable tool in helping clients and patients.
The basic principle of ELDOA, using the research of tensegrity and over 20 years of fascial research, is to create a posture that will target a specific functional unit. The inferior segment is fixed and the superior segment is mobilized. Therefore a position is created to place all inferior and superior myofascial chains under tension around a primary lesion, which becomes the centre of separating forces with the aim of producing postural normalization and the relief of pain.


The ELDOA certification program consists of 6 levels, spread over a course of 2-3 years. Each level teaches the theoretical aspects of ELDOA, including relevant anatomy, biomechanics and physiology, while emphasizing the practical application of the technique with numerous practice sessions where students learn the coaching principles of ELDOA, and start to develop the eyes and practical skills necessary to become a good ELDOA practitioner. ELDOA Levels 1-3 are designed for personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, Pilates and Yoga instructors, while ELDOA Levels 4-6 are for clinical massage and soft tissue therapists, sport therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and sport MDs. Everyone starts at Level 1, regardless of qualification, and builds their knowledge from there.



ELDOA 1 -Spinal ELDOA - SomaTraining course


Course Description: ELDOA of the Spine – Spinal segments from L5/S1 to C2/3
ELDOA 1 is the prerequisite for all other levels in the reformed 6-level ELDOA Certification Program. A significant amount of time in this course is devoted to the practical application of the most frequently used ELDOA of the spine.
Kapandji’s spine biomechanics and descriptive anatomy are taught in ELDOA 2. It expands on many of the key topics including, embryology, GAGS and water imbibitions, and Factors of Progression.
Periodization, program design, and the theories of the ELDOA program are introduced. Level 2 includes ELDOA exercises from L5/S1-C2/3.

Lecture topics include:

  • The History of the ELDOA

  • Dr. Guy Voyer’s Educational Paradigm (Learn by Doing, Complexity, Tensegrity & Biomechanics)

  • What is a Spine – Mobility vs. Stability

  • The General Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Spine

  • What is an Intervertebral Disc?

  • The Medical Approach to Back Pain vs. the ELDOA

  • The Philosophy of the ELDOA "You are your own best therapist"

  • Osteo-articular warm up

  • ELDOA exercise practice

With the help of the course instructor participants will work in small groups to work out the exercise progressions for each spinal segment and coach each other on how to correctly perform each exercise. This way everyone learns to both do and coach the ELDOA.

The goal of the intensive format is to immerse yourself in the anatomy and mechanics of the ELDOA while getting plenty of practical experience with it.  So by the time you walk out of the class the last day, you will not only feel better and have an improved posture, but are also capable of teaching it to your clients or patient the very next day and deliver amazing results.

DATE: 4-7th October 2018
Starting times will be soon announced


Peter Bodi

Peter is a clinical exercise specialist with a background in physical education and strength & conditioning. He is a certified SomaTrainer and SomaTherapy practitioner. He has studied from and works closely with Guy Voyer D.O. (in France & Canada) and his specialty is in designing exercise and lifestyle programs aiming at correcting physiological and biomechanical dysfunctions. His particular interest is in helping athletes transition from injury, back to high level sport performance. Alongside regular clients he has worked with elite athletes as well as other high profile personalities across the film and music industry, business and finance. Peter is the founder and director of SomaTraining UK, the official home of ELDOA in Europe and the UK. Peter also teaches SomaTraining and ELDOA workshops, and has consulted teams in professional rugby, football, and the NHL.


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